World Heaviest Bent-Over Row Exercise Records (both good and messed up form)

Bent over – row can be performed with both heavy weights or light weights but to really work your back you need to do it with a weight that enables you to control the weight from the way up and down without cheating, I know most of us got ego and we end up doing things the wrong way, the more heavy you go the more you will struggle but it all depends on what you are training for either strength or hypertrophy. 

Here are some of the strongest man who can do bent over rows exercise with insane heavy weight but most with messed up form except ronnie coleman. 

World Heaviest Bent-Over Row Records.

21.       ronnie coleman                 495lbs   8 Reps

32.       Chris Duffin                      495lbs   6 Reps

43.        George Leeman                          495lbs    25 Reps

54.       Pete Rubish                      500lbs   6 Reps

65.       Philip Maranto                    500lbs   6 Reps

76.       Ed Coan                           525lbs

    Mike Murdock, at 70 years of age, Bent over Row with a lift of 205 pounds.

(A Lot can do 500lbs so far) If you can bent over row more than 
500lbs like Ed Coan then you are the boss.


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