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world's strongest man zydrunas savickas Strongman Records - The Strongest Man Ever "Big Z"

world's strongest man zydrunas savickas Strongman Records - The Strongest Man Ever "Big Z"

Žydrūnas Savickas "Big Z" from  Lithuanian is the worlds most strongest man ever lived, he has won most of strongman competitions including World's Strongest Man, IFSA Strongman World Championships, ortissimus:Louis Cyr Trophy, Arnold Strongman Classic-Europe, Arnold Strongman Classic-Brazil, Strongman Super Series, Strongman Champions League overall champion, Lithuanian Team Champion etc. These man holds a lot of titles when it comes to strong man competitions

Žydrūnas Savickas Strongman Records:

1. Strongman Deadlift (with straps) – 440 kg (970 lb) with straps (World Strongman Record, 2011)
2. Squat for Reps–  329 kg (725 lb) x 14 Reps , 2014 Arnold Strongman Classic
3. Apollon's Axle Press for Reps – 166 kg (366 lb) × 8 clean and press each rep (World record, 2006 Arnold Strongman Classic, Columbus, Ohio)
4. Atlas Stones (heavy set) – 25.65 seconds (World record, 2006 IFSA World Championships, Reykjavík, Iceland)
5. Metal Block press – 150 kg (330 lb) (World record, 2011 World's Strongest Man, Wingate,North Carolina)
6. Log lift for Max Weight – 228 kg (503 lb) (World record, 2015 Arnold Classic Brasil Strongman Pro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
7. Hummer Tire Deadlift : World Record Deadlift 1155 pounds524 Kg World's Strongest 
8. Log lift for Reps – 451 kg (204 lb)  2016 Arnold Strongman Classic
9. Heavy Super Yoke, 640 kg (1,410 lb) – 3.87 seconds (World record, 2014 Arnold Strongman Classic, Columbus, Ohio)

World Record Heaviest and strongest Leg Press EVER Compilation 2016

World Record Heaviest and strongest Leg Press with weights
This is a video of the world’s most heaviest leg press ever, leg press is an exercise were most people who workout at the gym excel at, so as they always say Do Not Brag About Your Leg Press rather brag about your squat or deadlift.

 Leg press exercise is either performed on a machine at a 45 degree and seated but I have seen people doing it with a smith machine but for proper form and balance the leg press machine is the best to perform the exercise, we all know that Ronnie Coleman (bodybuilder) is well known of his strength in leg press at 1043 kg (2,300 Lbs)  for  8 REPS but now time has passed by so we got people like Bobby Chiafullo who according to my research holds the record for now, he can press highest weight ever for 1 rep max,this man is the strongest when he holds the Guinness World Record in leg press, so here are the stats:

World’s heaviest leg press
1. Anth Bailes 560kg - 1235 Lbs 10 REPS
2. Mike O'Hearn 816kg - 1800 Lbs 21 REPS
3. Markus Rühl 950kg - 2094 Lbs 7 REPS
4. Ronnie Coleman 1043kg - 2,300 Lbs  8 REPS
5. Bobby Chiafullo 1168kg - 2575 Lbs 1 REP
6. Bobby Chiafullo 1229kg - 2710 Lbs 1 REP

Do Not Brag About Your Leg Press

Worst cases of Gynecomastia Experienced by Athletes and Bodybuilders

This is a video of Worst cases of gynecomastia experienced by athletes, bodybuilders and weigtlifters, gyno that is caused by steroids side effects but some are not from steroids use.

_What is gynecomastia or man boobs, bitch tits?
Gynecomastia, informally known as "man boobs", is a common condition in men and boys. The breasts swell and become abnormally large. Gynecomastia is more common in newborn males, boys during puberty, and older men.

gynecomastia is not a serious problem. However, it may be psychologically difficult to cope with. Apart from affecting self-confidence and causing embarrassment.
 What are the causes of gynecomastia?

1. A Hormone imbalance
2. Kidney failure
3. Alcohol abuse
4. Liver disease
5. Cannabis/marijuana
6. Infections or lumps in the testicles
7. Some thyroid disorders
8. Radiation treatment of the testicles, and
9. Some Medications
10. Klinefelter's syndrome

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